300 Hour YA Teachers Training

Congratulations on completing your 200hr yoga training. Are you ready for your next step? Making the time to study with Shelly Kwiatkouski with her years of experience in the yoga industry, as a student, teacher and a studio owner is the backbone of all of her trainings. Shelly strengths are in her anatomical insight, weaving the principles of yogic philosophy and meditation into her curriculum.

She is a master at queuing, creative sequencing and adjustments. Any training with Shelly K is fun, rich in content and informative. Shelly uses several methods for learning to include visualization, a hands on approach and execution through practice. She chooses relevant material that students and teachers can relate to. Shelly has been an intrical part of the thriving yoga community as the lead educator and training in Volusia County, FL. Making the investment to study with Shelly will accelerate your teaching style and your practice.

300-hour Teachers Training Curriculum
• Intensive study and practice of Advances Vinyasa Flow
• Exploration of the physiology of energy with various Meditation Techniques
• The 7 Chakras: Your Spiritual Backbone
• Interpreting Your Contracts and Your Archetypal Wheel

• Deepening your sadhana and social silence, chanting, mantras, breath work
• Cultivating a healing practice

• Integrating the 8 limb path
• Advanced techniques for teaching in-depth asana assists
• Safely preparing muscle groups for specific poses
• Understanding anatomy in relationship to asana
• The Business of Yoga
• Philosophy Discussions on the Yoga Sutra
 and Bhagavad Gita 
For additional information regarding Teachers Trainings with Shelly Kwiatkouski call Shelly Kwiatkouski at 386-846-5075 or email uma@shellykwiatkouski.com