Shelly Kwiatkouski is a kinetic jewel. She is full of dimension, color, energy, wisdom, humor. Shelly teaches yoga classes that embody what it means to be deeply present, creatively challenged, and playfully amused. She has dedicated her life to serve, assist, and guide others to flourish in their own power, passion, and purpose. Thru avid study, faith, practice and integration, Shelly has crafted a one of kind unique teaching style. Her style has been described as intensely passionate, purposeful, and intended to spark growth and change lives. Her classes are written by her soul and enacted thru her heart. Students have been known to effortlessly lose themselves in their practice, finding what it means to be alive, in the presence of Shelly’s calm and connected energy. What Shelly has to offer the world and every yoga community cannot be duplicated or imitated. 

Shelly, has over 17,000 hours of teaching under her belt, and is the founder of Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, FL. Over the last 18 years, this fiery soulful studio has been her venue for which she teaches anatomy, alignment, detox and meditation workshops, beginners hot flow 200 RYT, advanced urban flow 300 RYT teachers pieces of training. Shelly is authentic, fresh, intuitive, occasionally inappropriate and educated. She is an animal lover on a mission to make a difference. If your seeking truth, growth, connectivity, strength, unity, and challenge, Shelly is who you’ve been looking for. She is a catalyst for creating an awakened, mindful, and courageous life.

For additional details about Shelly classes, pieces of training and workshops refer to her webs page ShellyKwiatkouski.com or Follow her on Facebook at @shellykwiatkouskiyoga or contact her directly at Uma@ShellyKwiatkouski.com

Sapna is a dedicated, hard- working and humble yoga practitioner. Growing up in India, she was introduced to yoga by her mother as a teenager. After years of high intensity training, she found solace in yoga, after developing multiple injuries from her prior training. Through yoga, she is able to build relationships between the mind, body, and breath- an ability that she finds truly eye- opening. 

Sapna has completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training from Hot House Yoga, under the guidance of Jamie Monahan. Initially, partaking in the 200 Hr. program was solely for personal growth; however, as each session progressed, the art of a yoga flow, truly transformed the way she sees her body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga, Sapna developed an extreme appreciation for the immeasurable strength and capabilities of the human body. Intrigued by the depth of opportunity that yoga offers, Sapna went on to study under Shelly Kwiatkouski completing her 300-hour training at HHYoga in Ormond Beach. 

Sapna is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, Sapna weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large. 

The main premise of her teachings is to highlight the complexity, yet simplicity, of a truly beauty art form. When Sapna is on her mat, one can feel the spiritual energy that resonates from her and all who have had the opportunity to practice with her, or learn from her, walk away with a truly pure experience that touch the heart.

Every choice you make either enhances your spirit or takes away from it. That is why Katie chooses to practice yoga daily. It is on her mat that she is able to get connected with her spirit while gaining a sense of “centeredness”

Katie took her first yoga class in the 80s in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was amazed by how much time was spent teaching how to stand up (Tadasana). She took the knowledge with her from that day forward as a way to get centered and balanced whether in a grocery line, at a party, or on her mat. She didn’t become a dedicated yogi until a hot yoga studio opened up in Ormond Beach, FL in 2006. Having twin 7 year olds at home and a part time job in Real Estate she found yoga helped her handle her busy lifestyle. A few years later she read about a teacher’s training program in the Yoga Journal. Seeking a way to improve her physical practice she signed up with master instructor Edely Wallace in Orlando, FL. Much to her surprise yoga was more than the asanas and was delighted to learn more about the 2,000 year old philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Over the years, she credits this knowledge to helping her cope with whatever life throws at her and is comforted in knowing she can always turn to her mat for solace at any time.

As an empty nester, Katie works full time as a real estate agent and has found the freedom to pursue different interests including serving on the board of the Port Orange Community Trust, doing field research as a volunteer for the Sea Turtle patrol, and of course furthering her yogic studies under master teacher, Shelly Kwiatkouski of Horizon House Yoga, Ormond Beach, FL.

Katie says, “Getting onto my mat is like coming home to my Spirit”. Yoga for her is prayer in motion. She recognizes that yoga not only strengthens the body, mind and spirit but also finds it as a tool to “still her mind”. She welcomes students of all levels to join her in practicing the asanas and finding out for themselves the many gifts a regular yoga practice will unveil for them both on and off their mats.

Lisa is a positive influence leader with a core value of helping others to be successful. Her encouraging, caring, genuine nature is evident in her compassion and desire to inspire and empower others to be their best selves. Lisa possesses the instinctual ability to understand issues quickly. This leads to creative and innovative, often unconventional, problem-solving solutions for complex issues, yet she communicates complicated matters in easy-to-understand terms. Lisa’s wisdom reveals her vast experience gained in 40 years of public accounting as a competent trusted advisor and consultant.

Sarah is a dedicated practitioner and thoughtful instructor who embraces the power of yoga as

a healing modality. She sees yoga to be a vehicle of physical, personal, and spiritual
transformation. Sarah recognizes that each student comes to their mat with unique abilities, experiences, motivations, and intentions. Her warm, welcoming nature puts students at ease, allowing them to discover and explore their unique potential.

As a teacher, Sarah likes to make yoga fun and accessible to every student. She encourages students to connect with their bodies and spirit, find pleasure in movement, and use props and modifications for comfort and support. Sarah reminds students to take their time. She knows each student will progress at their own pace. She wants everyone to feel successful in their practice.
Sarah places attention on form and foundation. She provides cues that she finds useful in her own practice to help students learn to safely and effectively align and engage their bodies and their breath. Her classes are challenging, yet playful and light-hearted. They tend to start off slowly and heat up in intensity. Sarah inspires students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Come try a class with Sarah- you just might end up in an arm balance!

Rebecca is playful, energetic and fun, as is her teaching style. She started her yoga journey to find grounding and calm her anxiety. Through years of studying and meditation, Rebecca has found her roots and learned that her high energy translates well to encouraging (and often boisterous) classes. Her goal in teaching is to help students gain the confidence needed to try that challenging transition on their mat and in their regular life. Open and accepting is the energy she fosters in each flow she leads, be it a full class or a private lesson. Rebecca has also studied Tarot for roughly 13 years and often teaches workshops and is available for readings at the studio.

Vicki Rockwell BSN, RN, Certified Yoga Instructor For Vicki, health and healing are woven into her everyday life. Her career as a Registered Nurse gives her a foundation in Western traditions and her connection to her yoga practice encompasses healing on a spiritual level.

More than 13 years have passed since she attended her first yoga class. Vicki’s personal practice has evolved with her; changing as time passed, but ever deepening her connection to herself, her patients, and others around her. This love of the practice is what brought her to Horizon House Yoga where she completed her 200-hour yoga Teacher Training certificate.
Vicki grew into a kind and compassionate instructor, gently encouraging her students to explore and expand their practice. She offers guidance that is applicable both on a student’s mat and everyday life. Fostering a growth and community mindset, Vicki is a perfect addition to the Horizon House family! When not at the studio, Vicki spends her time enjoying Florida’s natural parks with her husband, Will, and grown children, Cassidy, and Maggie.

Crystal comes to the mat after 40 years of strict dance training as a professional ballerina, dance teacher, and studio owner. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Crystal moved to Florida in 2003 and started her own dance studio Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy. After dancing and teaching her entire life , yoga provided a spiritual purpose for her movement, a healing for her body and rejuvenation of her soul. For Crystal, yoga is the marriage between her movement, which is her second language and her spirituality, which is her reason for being. When the two combine in her yoga classes, the illuminating, strong, playful and up beat energy that is Crystal, is reflected on you, encouraging you to find your own light and pushing you to your personal best. Crystal’s class aims to provide a head to toe workout through a graceful flow of asanas, strong balances and meaningful core work, making you feel energetic and empowered as well as calm and present.

Berni started her yogic journey over a decade ago as a student at Hot House Yoga. Her passion for life makes her a strong and supportive teacher that will have her students laughing while they sweat.

As a business owner, Berni has gained the experience to gracefully lead a room through everything from a simple beginner’s flow to the more complex, advanced vinyasa. Her jokes and encouraging words puts her students at ease and invites mindful exploration of their limits. She believes that all people are capable of accomplishing the spiritual peace and physical connection with their own body that comes with the regular practice of yoga.

Berni’s exuberance is apparent in the fire that comes out during her flows. One can’t help but feel motivated when her infectious, positive energy enters the room. Though she enjoys the complexity of arm balances and more demanding poses, she thoroughly understands the importance of a strong foundation. Having an active practice for over ten years has given her the insight to know when a simple modification necessary and the benefits that come with it.

“She believed she could, so she did” is Nancy’s favorite inspirational quote packing a punch in every aspect of her life. Making huge strides on her healing journey, this quote became her mantra. Nancy came to yoga only 2 years ago at the age of 56 with the intention of using the practice to add to her exercise regime, but discovered that yoga spoke to her soul.

Nancy is a single mother of 5, taking pride in her resilience of raising her children alone and nurturing them into adulthood. Her healing journey including losing over 100 pounds of emotional weight. Being morbidly obese most of her adult life, Nancy discovered that the practice of yoga introduced her to her body, and its healing capabilities. Building a relationship with the body she never knew, drew her to
realize that there are so many others out there, using weight to hide their pain.
Nancy enrolled in the 200-hour Teacher Training program at Hot House Yoga under the direction of Jamie Monahan. Continuing on to the 300 Hour advanced program, gave her the opportunity to heal even more, and learn to incorporate the yogic teaching in her everyday life.

The biggest shift for Nancy 
was understanding that helping others heal is quickly becoming a must for her as it feeds her soul.
Studying under Shelly Kwiatkouski at Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, Florida has helped her to learn to bridge her skill set rom her background in the corporate world, with her passion of watching others transform before her eyes.
Nancy finds her calling to be in the area of advocacy for the ancient craft of yoga and its teachings, and her drive is to inform people that yoga really is for everyone and everybody type. The only limitations
are the one’s we put on ourselves.